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😬 Time for the first cut 😱 15*28 cm... Largest block I've ever used πŸ™„ #woodengraving #startingoff
4 days ago
I've been working within these creature's little world (13*16cm) for a while now but I think I've engraved the last tiny line πŸ€” This image is based on an oil sketch I made of a wonderful watercolour by Detmold in a book on insects. I always loved the subject matter... peeking into the depths of a wasps nest. I couldn't believe my luck this Autumn when tidying up a little ledge where I keep some herbs in pots I found remains of the most beautiful tiny egg sized wasps nest built around ivy leaves... 😊 The architecture inside is just incredible and I can tell where in the garden it has got its nest building materials from because of the different coloured stripes. This is on my list to attempt a wood engraving. Just carried out a tree census of my garden and counted 20 treesπŸ™ƒ They are all in pots some very large some smaller because of the small scale of the space... but I think rewilding is happening 😎 #wasps #waspsnest #rewilding #rewildingbritain #rewildingconcrete #nature #woodengraving #societyofwoodengravers #artfinderartist #wasps #insects #woodengraversnetwork @societyofwoodengravers @woodengraversnetwork @societyofgraphicfineart @artfinder_com
6 days ago
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Rebecca works in a variety of media and has exhibited work at some of the country's most iconic locations — the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, the Mall Galleries, and in Cork Street — and with distinguished organisations including the Society of Wood Engravers and the Royal Society of British Artists. She also regularly exhibits at other galleries across the UK and beyond, and in 2014 she was elected to the Society of Graphic Fine Art.