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3 July 2011, 13:48

Starting this website has been a bit daunting. Showing at a small exhibition, it was prompted as a means of people keeping in touch and seeing what else I was up to. The website has been made possible by my darling 'SB'.

I have a love of water and at present my day job is close to the Thames, so when I can I go down to the river and draw. At the moment I'm working from a drawing I did over several nights last summer of Hammersmith Bridge. Experimenting with interpretations in lino and wood engraving.

It was made over several late summer nights on the cusp of autumn, when the air was still lovely and warm. The water each night was as still as a millpond, reflecting like a mirror. Because I sat in the same spot a big river rat became accustomed to me being there and used to just jump over my feet not bothered at all!