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Man's destruction of nature: three new wood engravings
19 May 2019, 20:22

In June and July I have three small wood engravings showing in a couple of exhibitions with a similar theme: man's destruction of nature.

'Further Reading Between The Limes' is a second exhibition by local artists from Walthamstow (my connection is I used to live there) trying to raise awareness of the council's decision to remove many mature lime trees from the town's small park.

My first piece for this show, Save Our Trees shows several entomological inhabitants marching along the lime tree walk holding up banners and marching to a drum beat. The second piece, Nature No Entry depicts a scene after the cutting has begun. Several of the inhabitants are shown dead behind a chained sign. Once concreted over, nature literally is killed off.

'Lets talk about the Anthropocene' is an exhibition that has been set up by a group of artists from Brighton who are all deeply concerned about climate change and man's effect on the natural world. Extinction is a small wood engraving that has been selected for this show. The plight of insects - a colossal part of any ecosystem that for so many goes unnoticed - is incredibly sad and frightening. This picture tries to consider many of the factors that may be causing the decline of bees: the lack of wild plants, the harm of pesticides and herbicides, climate change and drought. In this work, the honey comb cracks like the melting of the retreating glaciers. The combs are not full of honey, but are empty and fall apart onto a scorched earth. More information on the events page.