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Easter weekend
1 April 2013, 22:43

Just some beautiful pictures I wanted to share from this Easter weekend.

Kew is lovely in all seasons but this time of year, springtime, is probably the loveliest. I tried to capture the daffodils cascading down the hillside.

What a sunset followed!

In Epping Forest, beech buds were just beginning to burst into life. I think in the next couple of weeks the colour of the forest will look very different. The sound of the birds was lovely, and the little robins and wrens were just all over the place, hopping in and out of bushes and across our path.

Coming to Epping always brings to mind John Clare.

The forest meets the blessing of the spring,
The chestnut throws her sticky buds away
And shows her peasant leaves and snow white flowers,
The nightingale is loud and often heard
The notes of every song, and hardly known
She hides and sings, a stranger all the day.

Foxgloves, bluebells and hellebores all to come.

I love this time of year.