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Day 20 - Drawing September

This month I am taking part in a month of drawing, posting images every day. While walking Daisy in the forest near where I live, I noticed a small patch of very late-flowering foxgloves. The beautiful pink really shone out against the green of bracken and the dark stand of spruce trees - under which they grew. I went back to try and capture some of this woodland glory.

The first image is in graphite pencil. It's a detailed sketch, trying to capture the incredible bell shape of the flowers. In the second sketch I tried to capture a bit more of the surrounding foliage using ink and black charcoal.

I tried to complete the third image while it was still light. I love the incredible pink-purple-lilac colour of the trumpets - with the black insect guides on white. I know from studying these under a magnifying glass that the insect guides are quite hairy! I think that - along with primroses and bluebells - they are amongst the most evocative of woodland plants.