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Autumnal update
5 September 2015, 13:22

This the first blog of autumn. As I write, the mountains are a beautiful tint of purple and look as though they are on fire, as the mist is rising from the forest trees. I can quite understand how people living in such mountainous and wooded areas can suspect that they are populated with living spirits. Rising, spiralling mists can seem to follow you along a mountain path - and in an instant just disappear. Spooky!

In the past couple of weeks I have ventured in to painting a larger than normal (for me) canvass. I have always wanted to paint large - and I mean large - but have not had the courage. So this is a small step to achieving that goal. The image shows a oil painting in the early stage and is of Earl's Court on the Piccadilly line.

For anyone coming to Brighton Art Fair in late September I will have four smaller oil paintings of tube stations, exhibited at stand 88.

On the wood engraving front I have just started the drawing for the next in the View Subterranea series - it will be a picture based on a Holborn tube platform.

To the right is a small wood engraving of St Mary's Church, Thatcham, Berkshire. Thatcham is a town very close to where I grew up and a church has been on this site for many centuries. The current church is based on a Norman stone church started in 1140. This is the first proof of this image, and I think perhaps it needs a little more work especially on the sky. This is part of a series of churches I will be competing over the next few months.

Lastly, a sneaky photo that I took in August in the final week of the Royal Academy Summer show. The print rooms to me are my favourite and can spend a long time just looking at the different styles and techniques - amazing!