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Merry Christmas 2015: The Claus Dimension
23 December 2015, 16:00

Happy Christmas to everyone!

The Claus Dimension is a little wood engraving I have just completed for Christmas. I have used lemonwood for this piece, which is a slightly softer end grain than boxwood. Lemonwood is nice to use but, as it is slightly softer, greater care has to be taken when cutting very fine lines. I enjoyed drawing out the design and I think that I may revisit rectangular distortions again in a future work.

I am also currently working on a couple of larger wood engravings (both on boxwood): These will hopefully be completed early in the new year, but I thought I would give you a preview of these works in progress.

In both cases, I drew out the design onto the block, and I have now started to cut the wood. Both images are, of course, drawn on the block in reverse so that when they are printed they will be the right way round.