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Oil on canvas board,

In most modern scenes of east London's Docklands you would expect to be looking up at the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf. Rebecca subverts that expectation in this work, devoting much of the image to a simple, clear sky, rendered in a deep and velvety blue. Along the bottom edge of the painting, in exquisite detail, trundle two trains from the Docklands Light Railway.

This is not an imagined reality of the Docklands without all the hulking bank HQs. This is, in fact, a real scene - close to Westferry and West India Quay in the heart of the financial district. Rather than removing the buildings, Rebecca has simply looked the other way, and chosen a different perspective.
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Approx image size: 76 cm x 51 cm (30 x 20 inches)