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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
26 May 2013, 22:06

I was thrilled to discover on Saturday that both wood engravings I submitted to the RA Summer Exhibition have been selected.

Both pieces, View Subterranea 1 and Contemplation, reflect my love and fascination with the subterranean world of the London Underground and I have tried to capture some element of existence, which is enhanced by being underground.

To me the structure and form of the system makes it a magical place and concentrates the mind and feelings of all those who use and travel in it. In both pieces I am trying to convey multiple perceptual viewpoints.

In this 245th year of the Summer Exhibition, and the 150th anniversary of the Tube, I am proud to be part of this celebratory year. I hope you manage to make it to the show.

For more details see my events page, the Royal Academy and the London Transport Museum.