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Supermoon 2016
15 November 2016, 21:11

I was so looking forward to watching from my attic studio the rising of the ‘Supermoon’ tonight but like yesterday the weather is not looking good. It's the largest it has been for 68 years... but it is raining and cloudy :(

On Monday night I was able to snatch several quick sketches as the beautiful full moon broke free from the bluey-black clouds. I have attached several of these sketches.

As it looks like I'll have no moon for tonight, I have drawn an image in watercolours for a small, lunar-inspired wood engraving. I hope to be able to put this through the press later today.

Royal West Academy 164 Annual Open Exhibition
1 October 2016, 21:06

I was excited to find out this Friday that my wood engraving 'Angles of Incidence' has been selected for this years RWA Annual Exhibition. I love exhibiting at the RWA which is in Bristol. It is a beautiful gallery in lovely part of the city.

Friends of the Earth and the Great British Bee Count
19 May 2016, 11:26

I was really excited to have one of my wood engravings selected to be one of 18 works to be part of an exhibition in support of the Friends of the Earth - Great British Bee Count starting on 19 May 2016.

The selection of works was made by Jo Wood; TV presenter, interior designer and the new FOE ambassador.

Friends of the Earth in partnership with Artfinder ( and My Chelsea hotel ( will be displaying this exhibition at the My Chelsea Hotel - the show will start on the 26 May and run till the end of June. Part of all sales will be donated to the Save our Bees campaign. For all details please visit my events page.

Reading eve!
21 April 2016, 21:28

All my pictures have been framed and packed ready to be en route to Reading early tomorrow morning!

As an exhibitor at Reading Contemporary Art Fair, which runs all this weekend, I have been asked to donate a picture that can be sold for the Prince's Trust charity. I was provided with a small canvas and, owing to the limited time given, I decided to use acrylic paint.

As many of the wood engravings and paintings I will be exhibiting at Reading are on the subject matter of the London tube, I decided to keep to this theme with my charity picture. This has now become the second in a new series, called 'Mind the Gap' - with a slight movement towards abstract realism...

Full details of the fair can be found on the events page.

St Nicolas Church Newbury and Reading Contemporary Art Fair.
10 March 2016, 17:46

As I write the sun is actually shining brightly outside my window – it is so warm and lovely. After a very wet winter I feel a little like a Moomin awakening from winter hibernation!. I loved those books, the illustrations especially.

Yesterday I finished printing a new wood engraving – St Nicolas Church, Newbury, Berkshire. The engraving is on boxwood and is 10x15cm.

Having grown up in a small village a few miles outside Newbury I have known this church for a long time. It is a very attractive building and gives a little hint to the Newbury of old. There has been a church on this site since Norman times. However, this present parish church was rebuilt in the sixteen century in the architectural style of the late Perpendicular period. Apparently, this church - like so many - was restored by the Victorians, but fortunately they didn’t meddle too much with the main structure.

This is the third church that I have engraved in wood - St Mary’s, Thatcham and St Lawrence Church, Hungerford being the other two. I find there is something very special about trying to engrave an image of these hundreds of year old churches onto pieces of boxwood that are themselves very, very old.

I will be exhibiting this wood engraving, along with many others, at the Reading Contemporary Art Fair in late April (see events page for details). This is only my second art fair and I am really looking forward to it.

David Bowie (1947-2016) A miniature tribute to a master artistic legend
16 January 2016, 21:08

David Bowie is gone. This is so so sad - his music has been around me throughout my whole life. He was one of those artists who you thought would always be there, generating different soundscapes. He was so gifted; a writer, songwriter, actor and singer.

As he re-created the image of himself throughout his life, I am creating my own fragments - a miniature tribute series. These will all be small wood engravings, which I think is a perfect medium to help create both sensitive and raw images. These are the first two portraits of this series: Bowie as a 'Thinker' and a 'Singer'.

Merry Christmas 2015: The Claus Dimension
23 December 2015, 16:00

Happy Christmas to everyone!

The Claus Dimension is a little wood engraving I have just completed for Christmas. I have used lemonwood for this piece, which is a slightly softer end grain than boxwood. Lemonwood is nice to use but, as it is slightly softer, greater care has to be taken when cutting very fine lines. I enjoyed drawing out the design and I think that I may revisit rectangular distortions again in a future work.

I am also currently working on a couple of larger wood engravings (both on boxwood): These will hopefully be completed early in the new year, but I thought I would give you a preview of these works in progress.

In both cases, I drew out the design onto the block, and I have now started to cut the wood. Both images are, of course, drawn on the block in reverse so that when they are printed they will be the right way round.

Brighton Art Fair 2015
4 October 2015, 15:41

Thank you to everyone who visited me at stand 88 in Brighton Dome last weekend. This was my first art fair and I absolutely loved it! I enjoyed everything - from hanging my work and getting to know the other artists, to meeting the many visitors who came to my stand over the four days.

I am currently working out my plans for next year, but I already know that I will be taking part in Reading Contemporary Art Fair in April - stand 32 this time! I am am working on some new relief prints and oil paintings - both big and small - and my stand at Reading will have a real splash of colour alongside my monochrome prints.

Reading will be one of several art fairs that I hope to be taking part in over the course of 2016, so it should be a busy and exciting year. I can't wait!